Population Zero Development Update Loads

Enplex games just dropped a new trailer and update covering the latest on upcoming online survival game Population Zero, and the change has been astronomical.

Since way back in 2017 when the website for Population Zero first dropped, we’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming massively multiplayer online title. Set on the mysterious planet Kepler, Population Zero pits players in a race against time against an otherworldly malevolent force. With 168 hours in a single day on Kepler, players must spend their remaining day completing quests, helping NPCs, exploring the diverse range of encounters available on Kepler, and advancing their main questline. Complete enough fo the questline and you’ll survive, fail to make progress and it’s a mutated alien transformation for you.

Beta testing And Early Access

Population Zero might have dropped some early assets back in 2017 but many of us didn’t see the game until later during closed beta. The team behind Kepler and the mysteries that it holds have detailed the changes that have rolled out across the landscape over the last few years. At a quick glance, it is clear to see where Enplex has been toiling away with a diverse range of environment, plants, wildlife, combat, and lighting n that illuminates a shiny new world.

Any player who picked up the game when it lands has an opportunity to experience the unique 7-day game loop that allows players to explore, fight, and survive on an alien world. As they play, each 7-day cycle rewards players with account experience necessary to unlock new modes, mechanics and further enhance the gameplay. This is all set to allow progression without too much of a power vacuum opening up among the player base, much like the systems developed for recent online release Last Oasis. Population Zero is almost ready to explore Kepler for real on 5 May 2020. If you want a glimpse of this brand new world then head over to the official Steam page before it lands on PC for real, or just watch the trailer above.


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