Portal Knights: Legendary Edition Warps Onto PC and Console

portal knights legendary edition

Portal Knights new Legendary Edition is now available across PC and Console and is set to give players a single ticket to everything the fantasy adventure has to offer.

Kicking off a quest on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, P via Steam, and Xbox One, Portal Knights: Legendary Edition is about to give players the definitive Portal Knight experience in a single package for just 24.99 or local equivalent. Published by 505 Games, this digital edition of the multiplayer experience includes the base game and every expansion to hit the title, including the recently released Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense update. In addition to this recent release, players will find a wealth of game modes and places to explore as they pick a character and jump into a massive variety of experiences in Elysia. Starting out as a Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, or Druid players will explore, fight, level up, and customize their own character as they cut their way through all of the following expansions:

  • ’Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense’
  • ‘Weddings and Galas’
  • ‘Forest Animals Box’
  • ‘Gold Throne Pack’
  • ‘Box of Grumps Rings’
  • ‘Box of Fantastic Headwear’
  • ‘Portal Pioneer Pack’
  • ‘Box of Joyful Rings’
  • ‘Lobot Box’
  • ‘Bibot Box’
  • ‘Emoji Box’

This classic Adventure Mode continues on Elysia’s moon, Faynore, where two extra game modes moon elves and the furfolk await your arrival. As if that isn’t enough, creative types can construct awesome structures with unlimited resources, create custom mini puzzles with traps, triggers and enemies, or make your own racetracks.

Portal Knights is a 3D action RPG that brings together adventurers in an online co=operative quest. Originally launched back in 2016, this brightly colored world has since stretched onto consoles and continues to receive epic updates. It might look like a cross between Lego and Minecraft Dungeons but this new all in one is likely to prove fantastic value for money if you’re looking for a time sink during lockdown. Check out the new Portal knights Legendary Edition and all the content you have yet to explore over on the official Portal Knights website.


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