Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Mania In Battlerite

Stunlock has shared info about the latest event to hit Battlerite: Prehistoric Mania. Oldur has been messing with time, and as a result, chests containing ancient artifacts and mighty dinosaur mounts are popping up in the Arena. From now until December 12th, players can complete quests to get their own triceraptors: 25 Battlegrounds for the Peaceful ones and 65 matches for the Enraged kind.

Earn Prehistoric Chests by leveling up your account, or purchase them directly with battle coins in the Shop, where they’re temporarily replacing Silver Chests. They guarantee at least one Rare drop and one random Prehistoric Item – similar to a Silver Chest but with a dino-y extra!

You can find out more through the game’s Steam portal page or by watching the video above.

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  1. LOVE this game. 😀

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