Prepare For A New Throne War As Crowfall Launches Today

Crowfall, the MMORPG from Artcraft, launches today and there’s a brand new trailer to boot.

If you’re looking for a player driven MMORPG, then this latest multiplayer from developer Artcraft, might be on your list already. Initially announced back in 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Crowfall finally launches its players into a battle for dominance ain an epic throne war today. Players eager to pick up the call will have to pay to play this new MMORPG, with game packs on offer as well as VIP monthly subscriptions to boost your overall progress. That’s nothing particularly new in the market and buying in will cost anything from $39.99 / £29.99 all the way up to 199.99 / £149.99. This particular top end pack includes the following:

  • Crowfall Digital Edition
  • 1 Month VIP Access
  • +1 Bonus Month VIP Access
  • Forum Membership
  • Shire Parcel
  • Manor Building
  • 2 Merchant Pack Pigs
  • Quarterhorse Mount
  • Play Now and Forever

Designed to pit players against each other in a series of massive realm wars, Crowfall takes the concept of factional warfare and twists it into a new seasonal arc. As each season of warfare opens, players can band together or fight it our alone over massive maps, claiming territory and resources for their own. Of course, this means conflict will arise and the team at Artcraft are eager to keep the world in flux by demolishing campaign maps with the encroach of the Hunger. If you’re not sure about paying to play then Crowfall dropped a launch trailer to get you in the mood last night. You can check it out above and find out more about Crowfall over on the official website now.

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