Prepare For Mars As Opportunity Launches On Shiro Unlimited

Shiro Unlimited has just announced its very first title and this new label is set to aim high with the upcoming trip to mars with Opportunity.

Playtonic Friends isn’t the only indie outfit branching off into the publishing game and Shiro Unlimited, the new publishing arm from Northgard developers Shiro game, has just revealed new details on its first experiment, Opportunity. Landing on PC in 2022, Opportunity takes a look at the eponymously named mars rover and the day that plucky little rover that could went silent.

The team behind this what if quest has released some screenshots and a new trailer to tease this tale. You can have a look at the trailer above, or check out more of the screenshots on the official Steam Store page right now. This collaboration with French studio Dimanche Corp tells the fictional tale of the Nasa Opportunity rover. Abandoned on mars and out of contact with Earth, you’ll guide this famous vehicle on one last journey that explores the red planet. As you make your way across the sandy surface, you’ll encounter a vast variety of unique low poly environments and progressively challenging obstacles. You’ll need to adapt and upgrade Opportunity with a range of new modules littered around the geography you encounter. There’s even a chance to learn a little about the exploration programs that came before and since Opportunity as you scavenge for parts and clues.

Opportunity isn’t quite Disney’s Wall-E but this relaxing looking adventure is already available to wishlist if you’re preparing for launch already.

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