Prepare For TheNightfall Coming To Consoles

TheNightfall is coming. German publisher UIG Entertainment has dropped a trailer for a new horror game where new beginnings aren’t all they seem.

New beginnings are, when you consider it, too often the setting for horror tales. A new house, unknown surroundings, and an escape from the past. TheNightfall might sound like just another haunted house story but a new trailer from UIG entertainment promises something that might be worth looking at. Playing out around the game’s protagonist, you will start this title in a brand new house that seems to hold some unpleasant surprises. As the first night descends into an openly oppressive atmosphere, players will be able to roam the surroundings and explore the creepy setting.

From what we’ve been able to glimpse of the game’s screenshots you’ll uncover the mystery that lies beneath the trailer by interacting with a wide variety of objects, reading notes, following clues, and even having the freedom to raid the fridge if you choose. The realistic approach to presentation, an eerie soundscape, and a dank setting for this adventure are all intended to creep out players. While the developers aren’t eager to spoil the story, the teaser trailer seems to center around a missing child and throws definite nods to some classic horror references. If you’re a fan of creepy haunted house stories or the escapades of IT then TheNightfall might be worth considering.

TheNightfall is coming to consoles on 28 November. It will arrive to haunt your PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch devices with no details about the game’s pricing or on a PC release quite yet. Check out more about this experience by watching the trailer or keep an eye on the UIG website for more information soon.

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