Prepare your Zorchers! Chex Quest Is Going Physical

Chex Quest, the goofy 90s FPS is set to land on your doorstep as Limited Run Games announce a physical release.

The unmatched hilarity of the original Chex Quest release is coming to desktops, in the literal sense, on 17 April. While the nonviolent first-person adventure announced a High Def rework on Steam lately, the nostalgia is about to get a physical edition. Before you go HD in summer 2020, Limited Run Games is launching a number of versions that will sit alongside any retro collection.

Players looking to pick up the physical release of Chex Quest can grab either of the following:

Special Edition:

2 disk jewel case with OST and game
Game manual
Reversible poster

Chew Warrior Edition

Chex Quest for PC in a foil rigid box
USB with game and OST
Concept art lithograph
Enamel pins
Collectible coin
Fullsize Zorcher replica
Chex Warrior statue

For those that missed the original, Chex Quest puts players in the role of a Chex Warrior as they eradicate the invasion of the planet by the ‘Flemoids’, a species of slimy, green invertebrates, who have infested the planet and captured many helpless colonists. The title is based around the original (not 2016) DOOM engine but turns the entire concept to a nonviolent play, teleporting the antagonists back to their dimension of origin. Of course, this is a nostalgia trip and you can find out all the details over at the Limited Run Games website for more detail now.


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