PRESS RELEASE: CHUWI Releases Hi9 Plus to Compete with the iPad Pro

CHUWI Hi9 Plus

Portability has always been an important standard for tablets. Today, we recommend an extremely lightweight tablet PC — CHUWI Hi9 Plus. As we all know, the key to portability lies in the material, screen, and battery. Let’s see how CHUWI Hi9 Plus made it. (Official Site:

First is the body material. CHUWI Hi9 Plus applies aluminum alloy, which is not only lightweight, but also strong and solid enough. At the same time, the aluminum alloy shell has undergone more than 60 complex process polishing, the edge curve perfectly fits your hands, bringing excellent grip.

Next is the screen. Hi9 Plus’s 10.8-inch screen uses OGS full-laminated technology. Simply speaking, it reduces two pieces of glass of the original screen structure by one piece. The benefits are obvious: the weight of the whole machine is reduced, the thickness of the screen is reduced by half, and the transparency is increased, so it has a more transparent visual experience.

Finally, the battery. Unlike other tablet manufacturers using low-density batteries, CHUWI Hi9 Plus adopts high-density lithium-ion battery with a super capacity of 7000mAh, but only half the weight and thickness of low-density batteries.

With the above three key components and innovative technology, CHUWI Hi9 Plus has a body thickness of only 8.1mm and a weight less than 500g, which is 131g lighter than the 631 g of the new iPad Pro.

More importantly, the price of CHUWI Hi9 Plus ($199) is only one-fifth of the price of the new iPad Pro. Those who want a thin tablet can take the CHUWI Hi9 Plus as a priority. It is now in the Aliexpress 11, 11 promotion with up to 33% discounts!

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