Press Release: Dick Wilde 2 VR Shooter Released!

Yesterday, February 19th, game publisher PlayStack and game studio Bolvërk Games released the sequel to the popular VR shooter, Dick Wilde on PS4 VR, Steam, and HTC Vive with plans for it to release on Oculus Rift later this week. Fans will be thrilled to see a host of new locations and experience more challenging gameplay as they return with Wilde to traverse the river through radioactive locations and battle the inevitably mutated and incredibly dangerous wildlife. Massive amounts of toxic spillage may have caused the disease, but Dick Wilde is the cure as he sets out with two new apprentices to hunt down the rising menace of mutated animals. Let’s face it, you’ve never had a fishing trip quite like this one! You probably shouldn’t eat what you catch, this time around.

Dick Wilde 2 boasts a new online, cross-platform co-op option to allow friends to work together to tackle the denizens of the toxic sludge, regardless of their system of choice. Don’t worry, you won’t find yourself lacking the means to do so. The sequel also brings with it a wide selection of all new, super-powered, homemade weapons including microwave guns, revolvers, and anything-or-everything in between with which to take on over 10 hours of gameplay as you take on the various and challenging corrupted critters and amped up predators.

For more information visit the official site and be sure to check out the trailer below:

Go forth and cleanse the river by whatever means necessary, and don’t forget to take a friend!

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