Press Release: EA Releases Command & Conquer: Rivals For iOS and Android

Conquering the Holiday Via Mobile

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Dec. 4, 2018 Setting the tone for the holiday month, today Electronic Arts Inc. released a mobile rendition of their classicly popular, RTS series: Command & Conquer. This new title, Command & Conquer: Rivals is available for both iOS and Android and brings the storied conflict between the hi-tech Global Defense Initiative and the quicker paced Brotherhood of Nod.

This new edition to the franchise focuses on intense 1v1 PvP battles that will test your ability to master the specific strengths of each faction in order to strategically overcome the strengths of another. Michael Martinez, General Manager of Redwood Studios gave these insights into the scope and aims of the game:

Over the past few months, we’ve made the world talk about Command & Conquer more and it has been really exciting to see. We’ve been playing Rivals every day with our community, working with them to make it as fun and balanced as it can be. Our goal was to bring something new to mobile players who play RTS games, giving them full control of their every move, to bring out their true competitive skill.

EA is coming out blasting as they release with a competitive weekend event, Rivals Champions,  that uses a “unique matchmaking pool with different ranked tiers” that will offer greater rewards for those with greater skill. Rivals Champions is modeled after FIFA Ultimate Team Champions and will open the door for the development team and the community to work together in bringing about a multi-continent esports program by 2019.

For more information and to stay up to date on the latest news, visit or check out the game on Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.

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