Press Release – Heavy Metal Machines Releases 9/19

If you’re a fan of MOBAs, Hoplon, the developer of Metal Machines, has released a trailer and subsequent press release regarding for the upcoming game.  Heavy Metal Machines releases September 19th.


The Press Release reads as follows:

he new trailer to celebrate the upcoming release can be viewed here. Screenshots, gifs and images are also available here.

Featuring fast-paced competitive multiplayer combat and narrated by Larry Huffman, of Rock ’n Roll RacingHeavy Metal Machines is available on Steam or on a downloadable game clientand sees two teams of four players battle it out across a number of deadly arenas. They race to pick up a bomb and use it to score and destroy the opponent’s base while fending off enemy hot rods and explosive attacks. Prospective road warriors can choose from 13 colourful characters, each bringing their own turbo-powered death machine, and unique abilities and powers. Driving is surviving, but teamwork is key as pilots need to work together in this MOBA, taking on specialist roles such as interceptor, transporter or support.

Why Heavy Metal Machines rocks:
  • Free-to-play MOBA: 4v4 multiplayer car battle with a heavy metal theme.
  • A Legend Reborn: Narrated by Larry Huffman, of Rock ’n Roll Racing.
  • Hordes of Road Warriors: More than 800.000 downloads worldwide.
  • Choose your role from three main classes: Interceptor, Support, and Transporter.
  • Thirteen Deadly Drivers: 13 playable characters with their own characteristics and backstories. From Little Monster, a child hell-bent on seeking revenge for the death of her father, to Dirt Devil, a pirate leader from the Wastelands who hunts the giant sandworm that cost him an arm and an eye.
  • Three Hellish Arenas: Temple of Sacrifice, Metal God Arena, and the Cursed Necropolis already available to play.
  • Just the Beginning: More content constantly updated and new characters, arenas and game modes on the way.
  • eSports Championships: Planned competitive tournaments featuring cash-prizes to fuel the game’s eSports scene.

Heavy metal Machines Releases

Metal Pass’, a new progression system, will be featured at launch and will offer both newcomers and veterans of the game a multitude of missions and rewards to pursue across 50 different levels. Season-based, successfully finishing the tasks will allow players to garner new characters, skins, in-game currency, portraits, XP boosts and much more across two different tracks, one free and the other premium offering more quests and bigger rewards.

“Years of hard work from a very talented team has let us to the release of Heavy Metal Machines,” said Rodrigo Campo, CEO of Hoplon. “We are very excited to ‘turn the switch’ and officially launch our game which we hope brings innovation and something unique to the free-to-play and esports scene.” “The official launch is just the start,” said Tatiana Moreira, Marketing and Publishing Manager. “We are committed not only in bringing regular updates with new content but above all, emphasizing esports and organizing tournaments for our global community.”

The open beta period has seen Hoplon add two new arena’s, update the roster of crazy characters and vehicles to 14, bring dedicated North American servers, as well as set up competitive tournaments featuring cash-prizes across the globe.

More information about Heavy Metal Machines can be found on the official website. Follow the game on FacebookInstagram and on Twitter.

About Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines is a one-­of-­a-­kind 4v4 multiplayer arena combat game where two teams battle it out across three deadly arenas to be the first to score a goal and destroy their opponent’s base. Players choose from a roster of psychotic post-apocalyptic road warriors with each over-the-top personality bringing their own unique death machine, delivering a distinct style of gameplay with awesome upgrades and customizations to match. Over a dozen vehicles are available, dealing destruction while being accompanied by a dynamic, mood­setting heavy metal soundtrack. Having launched on January 2017 into Steam Early Access, Heavy Metal Machines is currently in open beta with over 800,000 downloads so far.

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