PRESS RELEASE: Next Up Hero Launches on Nintendo Switch!

As released on Nintendo Switch:

Next Up Hero is a dungeon crawler featuring hand-drawn heroes that hack, slash, bongo-drum, boomerang, and jet their way through Ventures. Choose your Hero and start rolling dungeons, gearing out, and maxing your stats. Invite a friend for co-op – you’re going to need all the help you can get.

If you’re looking for a challenge, but also have a soft spot in your heart for adorable hand-drawn monsters, Next Up Hero is your game.

What’s the word on Next Up Hero?

  • Next Up Hero is a Nindie featured at PAX East and on Nintendo Direct
  • “This is one of the best-looking games of 2018”- Bleeding Cool
  • “Next Up Hero is certainly one of the better dungeon crawlers to release in recent memory” – Xbox Tavern
  • “It’s a definite recommendation for anyone who loves overhead action games” –Hardcore Gamer

Switch Review Codes are available upon request, but are extremely limited. There is no review embargo.

PS4, Xbox One, and Steam keys available upon request!

About Next Up Hero
Next Up Hero is a co-op Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler starring hand-drawn heroes that hack, slash, shoot, bongo drum and boomerang through ventures. Choose your Hero and start rolling dungeons, gearing out, and maxing your stats against the vile yet adorable monsters known as the Ceaseless Dirge.

Dungeon Maker Mode – Create a savage dungeon, and challenge the community to beat it. If they succeed, earn a rare piece of loot. If they fail, the treasure is yours.

Perma-Permadeath – Death is so permanent in Next Up Hero that your “echo” remains for the next player to raise. People die a lot in Next Up Hero, so you can resurrect up to 20 AI followers!

CrossPlay –  Whether you’re on Mac, PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, play together in online 2-player co-op!


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