PRESS RELEASE: The Council’s Fourth Episode, Burning Bridges, Releases September 25

Fans of The Council, developer Big Bad Wolf’s choose your own adventure novel meets RPG, are about to get the next chapter to the story. The story began back in March with episode 1, The Mad Ones, and then continued on through Hide And Seek and Ripples. Throughout the previous three episodes, you have molded the protagonist, Louis, by developing his set of skills and, more importantly, learning the psychology and secrets of the other characters. Every action has had a permanent effect on the story, be it mental or physical, and there is no going back. Now, with the impending release of episode 4, Burning Bridges, you will crawl even deeper into the web of secrets and deception.


The fourth episode of The Council, the narrative adventure game redefining the genre with RPG mechanics and consequences for every choice, releases this month on September 25th.

Episode 4: Burning Bridges sees allegiances explained, rivalries come to a head, and the ghosts of the past begin to catch up to the inhabitants of the island. Your decisions will haunt you as you decide the fate of Louis, Mortimer, and the world itself.

The Council has already enthralled players and press alike with a deep and captivating story, featuring intricate characters and smart writing. The Council’s innovative concept pushes the genre beyond its boundaries and allows for meaningful choices with impact-ridden consequences.

The Council Episode 4: Burning Bridges, releases September 25th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to season pass owners. The Complete Season will include a total of five episodes, with the last episode releasing at the end of 2018.

About Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is an indie game studio based in Bordeaux, France. We strive to create games with original IPs, strong narrative content and offering a new role-playing experience. Our efforts are directed towards mature, deep and dark games.

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