Love and Mystery Bloom in Epic Seven

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Love is in the air…and adventure, too! Super Creative, the developers of the hit anime-inspired mobile RPG Epic Seven have updated the game with a new and exclusive Valentine’s Day storyline, “So The Roses May Bloom,” complete with intrigue, betrayal, and an innovative visual novel approach for mobile RPGs.

The Death of Queen Diane has resulted in a power struggle, as various factions battle for supremacy after the monarch’s passing. But, rather than settling the score with combat, the player must take part in a visual novel inspired storyline to build relationships with other characters. Your words and choices ultimately dictate when justice is served for the recently passed Queen, and even if you find love amongst your compatriots. Experience a unique Valentine’s Day story the likes of which have never been seen in Epic Seven.

The Epic Seven Valentine’s “So The Roses May Bloom” storyline will run for three weeks, beginning February 14th and ending March 6th. Unique Valentine’s Day rewards also await players who complete battle stages during the three-week event, including mysterious jewelry, flowers, and even a letter from a secret admirer. The “Love Potion” four-star artifact has also been added to the game, the use of which allows the player to collect exclusive “So The Roses May Bloom” event currency in their race to collect all of the special Valentine’s Day exclusive items. Lastly, the highly anticipated drop rate for Luna has been increased for a limited time only, from February 14th to February 27th

You can check out the new Youtube video link for the Valentine’s Day story event below.

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