PRESS RELEASE: Astoria Legends Demo & Trailer Releases Featuring Soundtracks from Viral Composer Sam Yung

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(East Stroudsburg, PA) — Upcoming action-packed, 2D side-scroller beat ’em up video game Astoria Legends, has their demo and trailer released and live for download at In Astoria Legends, players can slice their way through hordes of enemies utilizing powerful button combos that mix up the gameplay. Soundtracks for Astoria Legends are composed by Sam Yung, whose viral Kingdom Hearts fan compositions amassed millions of views on YouTube with great acclaim.

“StudioXV is very happy to announce that our public demo and trailer is now available and that we have also restructured our social media.” states Cylf, programmer of Astoria Legends, “Please visit our website and download our current builds. The Trials are done as the first stage of development and we hope to bring you guys more action paced combat going further.” Cylf concludes.

Please visit and be sure to follow Studio XV on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for continuous updates from behind-the-scenes.

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