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If you haven’t played Terragenesis on Mobile, and you’re the kind of person that likes space, and NASA, and science, there is no better time than now to get your little tush excited for the massive update and relaunch Tilting Point and Edgeworks Entertainment have coming.  So much is being added, more content, better graphics, almost to the point of a complete overhaul which is sure to delight fans of the original, and bring in new players alike.  Below is the entire synopsis of their update in the press release.

[Impending press release]

Tilting Point and Edgeworks Entertainment are bringing a game-transforming update to their indie hit TerraGenesis, rooted in real data and science from NASA. TerraGenesis “5.0,” developed by Edgeworks Entertainment’s Mobile Game Awards nominated team (“Best Indie Developer in 2018”), will deliver players seven new worlds, a completely redesigned graphics engine and new game mechanics, including extinction events and native aliens on planets players explore. The terraforming simulator, which has been downloaded over 10 million times already, will launch the update on April 16.

TerraGenesis “5.0” will continue to build on TerraGenesis’ entertaining gameplay, allowing players to turn the universe into their playground as they cultivate life on desolate planets. With its completely revamped graphics engine, in-game worlds will come alive, seeming near-photorealistic and breathtakingly real.

Highlights from the “5.0” update include:

  • Historical Earths – A new bundle of seven playable worlds representing seven eras of Earth’s history — from the Dawn of Life to the Age of the Dinosaurs and beyond. Historical Earths will also feature a unique storyline that spans all seven worlds.

  • Improved Faction Identities – Each faction now has a rich culture, history, unique artwork and specific take on terraforming.

  • Worldkillers — A challenging new system for veteran players to kick up the difficulty; players must learn to protect their planet from an impending extinction-level event

  • Natives – A new system designed to give players a moral gut check: can they find a way to coexist with an indigenous civilization on their world, or will they become a conqueror?

  • Redesigned Graphics Engine — Near-photorealistic planets and breathtaking details for each player’s world

  • Improved UI/UX — Optimized gameplay with more efficient display of information and greater player agency, along with a completely revamped tutorial system

In TerraGenesis, players can create and care for the life on their planet while turning it into a thriving paradise. Featuring realistic science and accurate maps, players are confronted with challenges and opportunities as they transform their world by creating a new and unique society on its surface. A response to community feedback, and an effort to continuously enhance gameplay experience, the TerraGenesis “5.0” announcement also celebrates Edgeworks Entertainment’s second anniversary.

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