PRESS RELEASE: Vortx Debuts NEW Features Focused on Streamers

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Vortx, the world’s first environmental simulator for PC gaming, has launched a new Streamer Mode (Beta) which includes unique Stream notificationsChatbot integrations, as well as an all-new Fan/Heater Mode. For the first time ever, Streamers and their audiences are able to physically interact from the comfort of their own homes. These features are available through a free automatic update available now to all Vortx users. To see a short Streamer Mode (Beta) UI demo, watch this video.


Streamer Mode (Beta)

Logging in through Twitch allows a Streamer to have Vortx provide custom notifications for:

  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Bits
  • Whispers
  • Purchases

New interactive ChatBot integrations allow audiences to trigger through chat specially coded wind and heat patterns that the Streamer can FEEL. This includes:

  • !BlowMe
  • !Hype
  • !Chillout
  • !Fire

Each integration comes with a custom notification and timed lock-out notification to keep it friendly in chat.

Heat up your gameplay or cool it down. An all-new Fan / Heater Mode allows users to enjoy games at the perfect temperature. Fan Mode turns your Vortx unit into either a desktop fan or heater with precise controls for intensity.

“Vortx is about augmenting your entertainment experience. We’re huge streamer fans and spend a lot of time watching and learning on Twitch. Our new Streamer Mode (Beta) allows Streamers and their audience to interact with each other in a new, immersive way,” Timothy Sun, Founder and CEO of Whirlwind FX. “We hope both the Streamer and the audience enjoy this fun, new form of communication and we look forward to adding a deeper, more customizable feature set in the future.”

Vortx has also rolled out algorithm improvements specifically designed around accuracy for heat triggering. This update adds in computer vision and machine learning to pattern match. This will help improve heat source triggering immediately. Additionally, this serves as a framework for future developments by providing a significant path to improved accuracy across all media and inputs.


Vortx Streamer features, as well as Fan / Heater mode and algorithm updates, are available now. These have rolled out via a free automatic update and can also be found here:

About Vortx:

Vortx is the world’s first environmental simulator for PC gaming. This PC peripheral instantly adds immersion and intensity to any game or multimedia experience through the precise use of warm or cool air to simulate wind, explosions, and other action. With an easy plug-and-play USB setup, Vortx works with any game or multimedia experience right out of the box. Vortx is available now in North America at for $119.99 + shipping. This version of Vortx is PC-only, works with any game and requires PCs with Windows 10.

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