Prey Mimic Trailer shows a game all about being a mug

I love lamp, and mug, table... desk. Chair.

Ok, so maybe it’s not quite that much about being a mug. But the new trailer shows off the use of Mimic Matter, a power you’ll get from one of the many aliens in Bethesda and Arkane’s Prey (due out on May 5th, 2017). The Prey Mimic Trailer shows a game all about being a mug, because you’ll see just how the mimic matter lets you take the shape of a hapless object to get around Talos I. You can be a lamp too, and we all love lamp.

Take a look at the crazy but ingenious footage in the trailer. If you’re curious about Prey’s overall story, check out the launch announcement trailer and our game hub. We’re all looking forward to getting our hands on this one in the Spring.

What is Prey?

Prey is a first-person shooter developed by Arkane Studios for PS4, Xbox One abd PC. It is a re-imagining of the game of the same name developed by Human Head Stuios in 2006. The developers consider it a “spiritual sequel” to System Shock.

Protagonist of the game is Morgan Yu, a person stuck aboard space station Talos I that conducted research on aliens. Players get to choose Morgan’s gender and how the character goes through the story and interacts with other human survivors. Morgan will need to find weapons and fight the alien attackers. The game has multiple possible endings.

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  1. How is this supposed to be a Prey reinvention? The original Prey protagonist is a Native American with a spirit link to his dead grandfather and a story background based on a loosely interpreted Native American spirit world concept. The protagonist ends up on an alien ship where the ideas of ‘up’ and ‘down’ are determined by where you stand.

    This game is based on an American English speaking generic American-Asian person who can transform into animated inanimate objects. The ship they are on is a human ship with standard artificial gravity.

    The only things I saw that were shared between the original Prey and this version are the alien race monsters.

    • And those alien race monsters are almost carbon copies of Half Life 1 & 2 monsters.

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