Prime Arena – A Hybrid of MOBA & Survival Announced by Nival

Prime Arena

Nival Interactive has announced a new project in the universe of Prime World. Prime Arena is described as a combination of MOBA and survival gameplay inspired by PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds.

The developers noted that the genre suffers from toxicity and the players are tired to lose due to their team mates’ actions. Thus, Prime Arena is free of forced socialization and the usual MOBA atmosphere.

Victory fully depends on player’s skill and reaction speed — no teammates, no cry!

The game will release in Fall 2017. You can find out more in Steam.

Some unique features of Prime Arena:
  • The game is meant for solo carries. No team play, no teammates. Everyone against everyone. You just have to be the last man standing.
  • The game offers quick sessions and rapid gameplay on the shrinking map. If you get killed, you can dive into a new game without waiting for the current one to end.
  • 20 heroes to choose from, each having its own set of abilities as well as gameplay style. More heroes will be added at a later point.

Alliances in Prime Arena appear and break down every minute, but all the statistics are there to stay. Learn the history of your opposition with any enemy!

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