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Sea of Thieves

According to the latest Sea of Thieves developer update, players will finally be getting the ability to create private servers. The new feature will be coming in a mid-term update. According to executive producer Joe Neate, it’s not on the “immediate stuff” the team is working on, but it is something that is definitely planned for SoT.

Neate’s update is a bit thin on details, but he did talk about a recent community Arena Mode tournament event called Sea of Champions. Neate said that community events would be easier to organize and run with the addition of private servers.

Earlier this year, Neate told Shacknews that “allowing more friends to come together and play in the world in the kind of way that they want” is something that Rare is working to figure out.

You can check out the full developer update, including the news that players will be able to change the color of their underwear during Fort of the Damned, below.

The Smuggler’s Fortune event, players will find a bunch of new stuff to take part in. This includes:

  • A Dishonest Day’s Work where players will help Duke move his “dead stock if they’re willing to get their hands dirty”.
  • Stitcher Jim will play Doubloons to players who bring him Rag and Bone Crates.
  • Stitcher Jim and his “Beloved” may be on their way to becoming the next Bilge Rate recruit.

Learn more on the Sea of Thieves official site.

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