Professional Farmer: Cattle & Crops Arrives on Steam

Professional Farmer: Cattle & Crops

Masterbrain Bytes, Landwirtschaftverlag Munster, and Toplitz Productions have announced the Steam PC release of Professional Farmer: Cattle & Crops. The release comes after a successful Kickstarter campaign and months of early access development.

The game challenges budding digital farmers to take part in the “ultimate farming simulator” with its “unique and unprecedented level of detail”. Players have an opportunity to take part in realistic farming activities including tilling, harvesting, animal husbandry, and getting the food production cycle started.

New features added for release:

  • extensive tutorial campaign
  • a variety of agricultural scenarios
  • Career and Sandbox modes
  • real wind data to make vegetation and trees move naturally
  • Steam Achievements
  • Helper AI
  • Improved UI and menu options
  • New maps, environment objects, weather animations
  • bug fixes

Those purchasing the game can also check out the Digital Supporter Pack that contains a number of “digital goodies”. All the information needed can be found on the Professional Farmer: Cattle & Crops Steam page.

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