Professional Review Of Desky Custom Products For Gamers


We work, surf, and play on our computers at home. But gamers, especially professional e-athletes need more than just occasional use of their equipment including all those utilities that come with the overall gaming experience.

Desky has come up with custom products for gamers to enjoy and level up their gaming performance and experience. Let’s see if these new kids in town make the cut and if gamers like you will get the best possible experience from it.

Desky Gaming Desks

First up to be evaluated are the Desky gamer desks. As stated at, Desky’s desks for gaming have been designed using minimalist principles. This is so, to give gamers that have limited amounts of room to still be on their best A-game when competing.

Another important but sometimes neglected feature of desks, in general, is its assembly time. If you have to set up screws and components for more than an hour with a desk, then it was not made for the user’s convenience. Desky desks promise assembly time to take only half an hour. It’s the exact time frame experts at have recommended.

It also has adjustable feet to level uneven surfaces. That way, you won’t have to find a wedge to insert on the desk’s feet just to even out the elevation.


Whether it’s for office work or long hours of gaming, chairs need to be ergonomic – that is, it should take care of your posture so as not to derail your spinal column, neck, and head. Even your butt needs to be taken care of when sitting for hours on end.

Desky boasts chairs that are both ergonomic and full revolution chairs. It has a 150degree tilt which is convenient for moving with the game. Overall the adjustability, ergonomic capability, and features of Desky chairs have satisfied parameters for a safe and comfortable chair. Thus, it can be said, that every gamer can get the most of what these seating utilities have to offer.

Desky 1


Desky has released several accessories for gamers to aid them in their E-sports competition games. It would be worth your while to gauge what these accessories can bring to the table.

Dual Gaming Monitor Arms

Gamers gain a vantage point when you see more of the action. That way, you can be on the lookout for dangers and be aware of everything that’s happening during the tournament. Dual gaming monitor arms by Desky can hold up to two monitors on a standalone monitor stand. The set up is convenient for gamers to maximize their desk space. This will allow them to have more room for other accessories they might need when playing.

The dual monitor arms are Vesa mount compatible, which makes installation an easy-peasy process. Cable management slots from variants of the monitor arms are available to help tidy up your wires, so you can have extra space on your table, and a headphone rest is also integrated into the design.

The dual monitor arms all in all can be given a 9.0 out of 10.0 for their utility and space saver design.

On-Desk Power

With all the equipment that needs to be plugged into your main socket when playing in the tournament, you would need on-desk power for your gadgets and gears that need minimal electricity surges to power up.

Desky’s on-desk power accessories have been designed on-spot to cater to this need. The on-desk power access is equipped with a plug socket and a max of 3 USB/data plugs. It was designed to be partnered with an integrated cable management channel to the rear middle, left, or right of the desk for a clutter-free computer station.

With the capabilities of the On-Desk power, it sufficiently answers the needs of its user. However, it does not do anything more than that. So a 7.0 out of 10.0 score would be fair for this accessory.

Aside from these accessories, Desky also manufactures cable and data tray, fixed CPU mount, laptop stands, desk wireless charger, plugin power boards, and headphone and phone stands. All can be satisfactorily be used to give your gaming experience a convenience.

Desky’s line of custom products for gamers is definitely a bang for the buck. Though some of its features can be spruced up more, overall it’s a safe bet if you want to gain a better gaming experience in your E-sports tournament. The verdict is an A- with room for improvement, which is always good in whatever facet of life.

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