Project Resistance Will Feature Single-Player Story Mode

Project Resistance Will Feature Single-Player Story Mode

Masachika Kawata, the producer behind the upcoming Capcom’s 4v1 multiplayer experience Resident Evil: Project Resistance, has participated in a Q&A session published at PlayStation Blog. Among other things, the producer admits that the demand for single-player narrative-driven experience is high among the player base so the game will feature an offline single-player story mode:

The version we showed at TGS 2019 was an online game mode, but we are fully aware that there many are Resident Evil fans that expect the story in the game. In an effort to satisfy our fans, we will have an offline mode that is focused on the narrative component.

The other things discussed in the Q&A are:

  • The developers thought that combining the co-op experience that forces players to take on zombies and traps in a team-oriented environment while submerged in the Resident Evil atmosphere makes for an interesting game experience.
  • While somewhat inspired by Resident Evil: Outbreak, Project Resistance is not the remake of the game. The existence of Mastermind alone provides a big difference.
  • There are many variations of the Mastermind. The same goes for the survivors and there are more survivors with unique skills and looks that will be added into the game.
  • Tyrant might seem a bit OP at the moment, but it would not be so against the players that have gotten used to the map.
  • There will be a way to level up for the survivors during the game

We call it an asymmetrical game, but I think it should be a game that every player can fully enjoy. With both sides overcoming incidents and tight situations, you often hear players saying, “Oh no, I was so close!” or “Yes, I made it!” until the very end. Of course, we plan on making the game difficult for both sides but as we develop the game further, we plan on adding more features that will allow everyone to enjoy the game, whether you win or not.

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