Project Spellbound is Now Known as Witchbrook

Spellbound Witchbrook

Chucklefish, the company that is well known for Stardew Valley, a plucky pixelated farming simulation RPG, has now released information on their upcoming game once known as Spellbound.  A picture tweeted by @Tiyuri, the twitter of Finn Brice, the CEO of Chucklefish, with the announced title of WitchBrook was blasted to the masses with a caveat that Witchbrook is still very much in development, but that the name has been decided.

Witchbrook is set to meld the ideas of magic school with their tried and true RPG system that’s become widely loved on all platforms with Stardew Valley. The games’ focus is slated to be on more than just magic school, but the characters relationships as well.  While no release date has been announced, rumors have circulated that we could see Witchbrook by the first half of 2018.

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