Project V Starts Signing Up Alpha Testers

project v

Project V, the new unreleased pro=oeject form development studio Vela Games, has just put a shoutout to gamers to sign up for Alpha testing.

Announced today, the call for Alpha testers opens the door for gamers interested in reimagining multiplayer gaming by helping to rebuild cooperative play from the ground up. The team behind Project V put out the call for volunteers ahead of testing, which will begin in2021, with an invite for eager players to join the early community on Discord today by visiting: .

Project What?

Before you jump into the fire, it might be worth knowing what you’re getting into. Brought to life by a team of former Riot Games and EA veterans, Project V is the debut title from Vela Games and thrusts players into a science-fantasy universe where they will take on challenges that mix te skill-mastery of MOBAs with the teamwork of an MMO dungeon run. Featuring an evolving narrative and settings, this upcoming experience will build on nearly 30 years collective experience across an entire team dedicated to rebuilding the high octane experiences and skill-based combat that we’ve become so used to while fostering a positive social atmosphere.

“It’s still early days for Project-V, but we’re thrilled to offer a sneak peek at a few of our characters, and let a small pool of players test out what we’ve been working on as soon as possible,” said co-founder and CEO Travis George. “At Vela we value our player-focused approach to design. At the start of each day we all get together to play the game and share feedback as a group, so we’re excited to see what our first players have to add to the conversation.”

While we don’t know a ton about the game itself, we do know that the game has piqued our interest and anybody looking to help bring Project V to life can find out more, or jump into Alpha testing, over on the official website now.

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