Project Warlock II Won’t Launch Kickstarter Until Summer 2021

project warlock II

Buckshot Software has confirmed that Project Warlock II, the bullet casting sequel to the first Project Warlock, won’t hit Kickstarter until August 2021.

The announcement that an upcoming round of crowdfunding for Project Warlock II has been delayed hit out inbox last night and, the team at Buckshot Software took the opportunity to detail exactly what’s going on. The follow on from the very first Project Warlock might be a somewhat magical FPS, filled with bullets, curses, and the odd demon, but it is bound by the abilities of its mortal developers. Buckshot confirmed that things aren’t quite ready for the scrutiny that a Kickstarter and Early Access will bring, so need time to polish the title.

“Hey everyone! We need a little more time to get everything for the Kickstarter together and to polish the game for the Early Access,” said Kuba Cisło of Buckshot Software. “We’re sorry to keep fans waiting, but we want to make it truly special. We’re confident the wait will be well worth it. In the meantime, fans of retro fps should check out the amazing Kickstarter for First Person Shooter: The Definitive FPS Documentary — it’s launching today!”

For those that didn’t catch the very first of this series, Project Warlock II is a retro shooter built on a modern platform. Picking up right after the close of the first game, this adventure is split over three explosive episodes and features a trio of playable gun totting Warlocks. These three disciples of the very first game’s protagonist set out to investigate the fate of their master, wielding their own distinct story.

We can, of course, expect more than just a new tale. Project Warlock II promises improvements on every aspect of the original, from frame rate to a new atmospheric sound design. It is due to hut PC, via Steam and GoG, as well as unannounced console platforms. There should be pixels splattered everywhere. You can keep an eye out for Project Warlock’s Delayed Kickstarter and more news on this retro FPS over on the official Kickstarter site.

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