PS Plus Games You’ll be Able to Play on PS5

PS Plus

For those of you who are lucky enough to get your hands on the coveted PS5 this autumn, PlayStation has managed to sneak in one extra treat. PS Plus members will be able to download several PS4 games completely free of charge onto the new console. The PS Plus collection will feature an array of fan-favorite titles, all designed to give users a warm sense of familiarity amongst the sea of new, exciting tech.

Going into this year’s PS5 release date, the availably of new games was also going to be crucial. With the new PlayStation Plus Collection, you’ll be able to rekindle past gaming glories all over again. The collection is accessible by becoming a PS Plus member, which will soon only be an option for those who have a PS5 console. The good news is that there is no extra fee for accessing the PS Plus Collection, as it will simply remain the same price as your current PlayStation Plus subscription.

Among the many PS4 games that will be available on the new console is Battlefield 1, The Last Of Us Remastered, and Mortal Combat X. The full list of confirmed games in the PS Plus Collection is as follows:

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However, for those of you who don’t know what PS Plus actually entails, or aren’t fully convinced of its value, allow us to explain. Essentially, PS Plus is a subscription-based service, currently on PS4, but soon to be available on PS5. It grants users access to online multiplayer, two PS4 games per month, as well as other bonus content like 100GB of online storage. PlayStation allows for some flexibility with membership, as you can choose to pay monthly, every three months, or every 12 months if preferred.

Most of the PS Plus features that currently exist on the PS4 are expected to be carried over to the next generation console, including PlayStation Store discounts and exclusive DLC which you won’t find anywhere else. In terms of the current price breakdown, in the UK a one-month membership fee is £6.99, rising to £19.99 if you wish to pay for three months, and £49.99 if you instead want to cover the whole calendar year.

On the whole, the price of admission generally seems to be worthwhile for those who want a little bit more from the PlayStation Experience. With the PS5 set to drop later this year, there won’t be an abundance of new games to choose from initially. Hence why PS Plus could be so valuable for gamers in search of something nostalgic, as it promises a unique experience, for no extra cost. PS Plus has already demonstrated its value on the PS4 console, and ahead of the switch to PS5 later this year, that experience is only going to get better.

The list of free playable games as part of the PS Plus Collection should be enough to convince many who are on the fence, but it should be noted that the list above is not fully complete and that new additions are expected to be added as we approach release day. For now, though, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of PS Plus on their PlayStation 4’s, ahead of one of the most eagerly anticipated console releases in the history of gaming.

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