PSA Nintendo Japan Warns Against Crushing Switch

nintendo japan psa switch

Nintendo japan just dropped a public service message for all you Switch owners and they are concerned about the potential damage caused by careless backpack storage.

Yes, that’s right. In one of the more bizarre messages that we’ve seen out of Nintendo’s customer messaging, the home arm of Nintendo’s social media team dropped an infographic that warns Switch owners about the careless storage of their console. It seems to indicate that owners of the Nintendo Switch should make sure they are wary of leaning back against any walls or hard surfaces if carrying a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite entirely unprotected. While this seems entirely obvious, it is no match for the safety messaging that went on with the release of the Wii console and a spate of Wii Controllers intersecting with TV panels in several accidents that went on in the early days of that console.

While this all might sound like a subtle advert for some of the Japanese manufacturer’s accessories, it makes a little more sense in Japan. While the crowded subway stations of the Tokyo underground, for example, are not prone to theft they are ridiculously overcrowded and it’s not uncommon to find some trains packed beyond capacity. I could see this causing the sort of scenario Nintendo is worried about. We wouldn’t expect this to carry over to the US, but it’s interesting to see what’s got Nintendo Japan tweeting none the less. You can check out the original post here

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