Psychonauts 2 – First Playable Milestone

Double Fine Productions has published a new blog post dedicated to an important milestone that Psychonauts 2 has reached. The developers call it “first playable” and it is an area of the game that the team has built to test out workflow and pipelines across all departments – art, tech, design, etc. While thoroughly tested in the pre-production phase, this is the first big attempt to create a fully playable chunk of gameplay with all the systems working in the same place.

This doesn’t mean that we now have a final area made to shippable quality, there’s still a lot of work to be done. It does, however, represent a fully playable area that has all the things a level of the game should have: elements like player movement, combat, quests, experience, UI all working together with scratch dialogue and audio, some rough visual effects, textures, lighting, even a cut-scene. This means we can iterating on these systems so they can be as good as possible for the final game.

Head over to the official site to learn more exciting things like how goats are made!

Mountain Goat First Playable

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