PUBG: Battlegrounds Updated to v13.1

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Krafton has announced the release of Update 13.1 into PUBG: Battlegrounds. The patch comes with a ton of updates to the TAEGO map, plane Emergency Landings in some matches, a new Ranked Season, updates to the Sanhok map, and a brand new map rotation. Any PC players dying to see what’s what in 13.1 will want to check the game out for free on Steam through August 16th.

  • New Ranked Season: Update 13.1 introduces a new ranked season, meaning all rewards earned during the Ranked Season 12 have been automatically added to players’ inventory. Ranked Season 13 will run for two months, similar to recent ranked seasons.
  • Taego Tweaks: In addition to the aforementioned Secret Room, Taego has seen an increase in the number of Air Drops to ensure all players have a greater chance to acquire valuable loot.
  • Sanhok Updates: Despite a full remaster in 2020, the team at PUBG Studios continues improving Sankhok. With 13.1, the map has seen the geography of the Northwest Island adjusted with small cliffs and rocks, providing cover for players moving across the shore.
  • Map Rotation: With 13.1 Paramo has been replaced with Karakin in Normal Matches. The new map rotation for matches is the following:
    • Erangel
    • Miramar
    • Sanhok
    • Vikendi
    • Karakin

Check out the PUBG: Battlegrounds official site for more details.

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