PUBG Is Coming To Mobile

PUbg Mobile PUBG assault rifle nerf

According to MMOCulture, in addition to bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to China, the collaboration between Tencent and PUBG Corporation will put forth a mobile game based on the Battle Royale. Just like the PC version, it will have to abide by China’s regulations and policies. The game will release for Chinese players, but there is no word on whether or not it will be coming West.

According to Tech.qq, Kim Chang-han, CEO of PUBG and Ma Xiaoyi, Senior Vice President of Tencent Group, said: “Thanks to the excellent accumulation of PUBG on the PC terminal and the teamwork between the two teams, the progress of the mobile game preparation is very smooth and in the near future, Chinese players can enjoy the genuine game anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone.”

Stay tuned for more information!

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