PUBG & Counter-Strike Global Offensive Got Married & Had a Kid!

Do you love Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Do you love PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) just as much? Do you with the two could somehow be blended together into one happy whole? If so, do we have good news for you!

A wily CSGO modder named Kinsi has done the impossible and wed the two games together into a new game mode called Go 4 The Kill. The map is, according to Kotaku, four times the size of Overkill, the last official map released in CSGO. Technically, it’s four maps stitched together by mountain ranges. Crossing from one location to another requires hoofing it up the slope to emerge on the other side on a new map.

It is a battle royale CSGO-style, though also with the limitation of only 20 players taking part at any given time. Regardless, it’s a huge step for the CSGO modding community both in terms of the visual look and tech behind the map, but also in terms of new gameplay mechanics.

As with all battle royale games, players arrive destitute of equipment. After soft-landing from a parachute jump, the hunt for gear and weapons begins. The mod also features brand new, mod-specific HUD and UI elements.

All in all, if you love PUBG, CSGO and battle royale, this may be just the ticket. You can learn more about it on the Go 4 The Kill site.

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