PUBG Dev Letter – A Look Back at Sanhok Testing

PUBG Dev Letter

The Steam community page has been updated with a new PUBG Dev Letter that takes a look back at the four testing rounds for the upcoming 4km x 4km map Sanhok. The map will come to the live servers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on June 22.

The team thanked players who participated in testing, reported bugs, shared their opinions and gave feedback that allowed the developers to meaningfully change the design for th[pe better.

The letter also addresses an update to the way map selection works. The team has decided that it can’t support individual map selection for more than two maps.

This is because map selection creates an essentially exponential increase in the number of total separate queues when combined with other queue options like party size and perspective. That means the matchmaking pool gets split into many small sections, making it nearly impossible to put together a match in at least some of those queues.

Sanhok will be launched as its own queue for the time being, with Miramar and Erangel being put together in a separate one.

PUBG Dev Letter also added a bit of a surprise in how Sanhok’s matchmaking is going to work:

We want Sanhok to feel like a truly chaotic, different gaming experience. For that reason, there will be no MMR-based matchmaking when you play on Sanhok. Although career stats will still be recorded, your performance on Sanhok won’t affect your MMR at all.

When you drop into a game, you’ll be battling it out against both the world’s best players and… well… let’s just say players with “lots of potential for growth.”

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