PUBG Mobile Receives Massive 1.2 Update

PUBG Mobile

Fans of on-the-go battle royale action will be thrilled to hear that PUBG Mobile has received one of its largest updates yet. The v1.2 patch brings a host of new features to the game including new gameplay features, the FAMAS variable-fire assault rifle, Metro Royale content, the Royale Pass for Season 17, and much more. The large patch is a free update available via both the App Store and Google Play.

The most notable component of the update is the arrival of Runic Power Theme Gameplay on a unique version of the Erangel map. Players will be able to select one of three rune energies that grant both a summon and a boost skill. These can be consumed to offer strategic advantages during the fight. Once consumed, players can hunt for additional runes by traversing the terrain. Players can also score runes in Cheer Park by completing daily rune missions.

These are the runes available to players:

  • Flame Rune – Players can summon a wheel of flame that rolls slowly forwards, dealing burn damage to afflicted players. An additional boost skill adds a burning enhancement to ammo for a brief period
  • Arctic Rune – In addition to the boost skill that adds a freezing enhancement to ammo, reducing healing effectiveness, players with this skill can summon a 3×3 grid of ice wall for mid-battle protection
  • Wind Rune – This skill summons a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces bullet damage from weapons shot outside of it. The boost skill increases player movement speed and reduces reload time for a short time

The update also includes a cross over event with Metro Exodus. Players can try their hand at the Metro Royal: Honor chapter. The goal is to defeat enemies and collect in-game items to increase Honor levels. Accumulated Honor can be used to unlock voice packs, outfits, and other unique rewards.

Check out the PUBG Mobile pages on the App Store and Google Play for more information.

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