PUBG Mobile Shoots for Halloween

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been updated with Halloween Mode that brings a decidedly spooky gameplay mode to players around the world. The Erangel map has been tweaked with Halloween flair and atmospheric additions to bring plenty of thrills and chills.

Infection Mode will make its return on October 23rd and will run through November 9th. Players who queue up for Halloween Mode will also be entered into “Halloweeks Mode” that can reward some seriously awesome swag. Participants will track down Zombie Camps that appear in static locations around Erangel. These camps are packed with zombies and crates stuffed with great loot. Once all zombies are taken out, the crates open to provide teams with valuable resources. In addition, there is a chance that Roaming Bosses will appear in camps. They can be defeated for even more battle supplies.

Halloweeks content also features POWER4, a virtual rock band. “The ensemble’s four members made up of powerful elemental lords, debut their first track “Nothing’s Getting In Our Way” in game. The song expresses the pursuit of self-improvement and portrays the spirit of having no fear of challenges and teamwork, as written in the lyrics “together we’re a force that can’t be tamed and nothing’s getting in our way!” Players can also get the POWER4 outfits with mental rock cool style, which matches the action-packed battle style of PUBG MOBILE. More Halloweeks exclusive themed outfits are available in game.”

Those looking for horde mode action can take part in Cheer Park Training Grounds. Take on waves of undead monsters to boost rankings.

Check out the full update notes on the PUBG Mobile official site.

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