PUBG: PGS: Berlin Suspended Due To Coronavirus


PUBG Corporation has just announced that the PUBG competitive event PGS: Berlin has been suspended following further concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

It looks like the impact of the recent Coronavirus outbreak is spreading further and further into the world of online gaming. While the spread of this potentially deadly disease continues, PUBG Corporation has taken steps to protect its player and suspended the upcoming PGS: Berlin event. This event would have taken place in April and featured a range of competitive matches as part of the ongoing competitive PUBG scene, and is part of the battle royale game’s Global Qualifier tour. Instead, the gathering of players will have to wait to take part in the first of the global series due to occur in 2020. PUBG Corp has also confirmed that regional qualifiers may be subject to change.

A Press release advises that “The plan to host four PUBG global esports events in 2020 remains unchanged, and we are actively exploring options for when a replacement event can be held.”

While PUBG cancellations pale in comparison to the human tragedy of this outbreak, the flu-like virus that stemmed from the Chinese city of Wu Han has already had an impact on the delivery of The Outer Worlds, among other things. Developers from studios such as a Virtuos have been unable to attend their offices, delaying the final release of the Nintendo Switch port of this sci-fi RPG. As the reach of this disease spreads, it becomes more likely that more industry events will see cancellations on the horizon. If you want to keep an eye on the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus on PUBG operations then head over to the official PUBG website while you stay inside and keep on winning those dinners.


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