Put on your dancin’ shoes in Giraffe & Annika

Giraffe & Annika

PLAYISM and Atelier Mimina have announced the release of “a musically charged adventure” called Giraffe & Annika. The game is currently available for PC via Steam, but PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions will be arriving later in 2020. To celebrate the PC launch, developers released a new trailer.

Players work to guide Annika across an island that is “home to mysteries, collectibles, and dungeons”. But the best part is that she encounters rhythm boss battles from time to time. Along the way, she works with a cat-boy named, weirdly enough, “Giraffe” to “collect ability-granting Star Fragments” to help Annika recover her memories.

“Annika, a bright-eyed girl with cat ears, works with Giraffe, a cat-boy with an old soul, to recover her memories. Follow a manga-style comic narrative and help the duo collect three shimmering star fragments housed deep in the vivid dungeons of the curious and calm Spica Island. Each glittering gem gives Annika a new power, unlocking previously unreachable areas, opportunities to collect additional outfits, and cat-tastic meow-sterpieces of art to view at the local museum.”

Check out the Giraffe & Annika official site to learn more about the game.


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