Puzzle & Dragons Gets Evangelion Update

puzzle & dragons evangelion

In what seems like a perfectly unusual collaboration, Puzzle and Dragons is ditching match 3 for the Third Impact during an Evangelion themed crossover.

Get set to synch as Shinji, Rei, and Ikari all join the Puzzle & Dragons adventure, alongside the Eva Egg Machine. Let’s be clear, this returning event had us confused the first time around, and we still can’t quite fathom how these two IPs came together but fans of both the mobile gaming puzzler and the seminal anime series are likely going to love the crossover event.

Already live and running until 23 August, this Eva themed event doesn’t just bring back a ton of familiar anime faces, it plunges players into a set of three limited time Evangelion collaboration dungeons. Each of the dungeons comes across five difficulties and two levels ready for players to crash through, filled with Eva themed enemies. Players will have an opportunity to take on the Fourth Angel, Sixth Angel, and Ninth Angel, to grab a bunch of mecha sized rewards. Outside of taking down these Angels, players participating in the Puzzles and Dragons x Eva event will be able to exchange Evangelion Medals at the Puzzle and Dragons Monster Exchange. If you and your friends are finished with the single player events in this time limited Eva crossover, then a Multiplayer Eva Dungeon also awaits too.

In the end, this update is all about the anime themed loot and players can grab any of the following from participating in the latest event:

Egg Machine Characters

• Shinji&Rei (NEW!)
• Eva Unit-01 (NEW!)
• Myr Regalia, Rei
• Kali Regalia, Kaworu
• Gendoh Ikari (NEW!)
• Shinji&Kaworu&Unit-13
• Misato&AAA Wunder
• Scheat Regalia, Shinji
• Yamato Takeru Regalia, Asuka
• Ceres Regalia, Mari
• Leilan Regalia, Misato
• Rei Ayanami (temp. name) & Mark.09
• Asuka&Eva Unit-02
• Shinji&Eva Unit-01
• Mari&Eva Provisional Unit-05
• Rei&Eva Unit-00
• Kaworu&Mark06, Under Construction

Monster Exchange

• Eva Unit-01 TAMADRA
• Eva Unit-02 TAMADRA
• Eva Unit-13 TAMADRA
• Misato TAMADRA
• Eva Unit 00 Plushie
• Mark.06 Plushie
• Penpen Plushies
• Eva Unit 02 Plushie
• Eva Unit 01 Plushie
• Eva Unit 08 Plushie

So, while we still have no idea behind the narrative reason for the Eva pilots turning up in Puzzles and Dragons, it’s still a cool combination and there’s tons of cute loot. If you’re interested in grabbing the Eva Egg then head over to the official Puzzles and Dragons website to grab it on iOS or Android.

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