Pyre Ready to Launch This Summer on July 25th


Supergiant Games has announced that Pyre will be ready to go this summer. The official launch date is set for July 25, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Pre-orders have opened as well.

What is Pyre?

Players will be able to lead a group of exiles in a party-based RPG. Each of the companions is his or her own person with their own goals as well as a desire to be free. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as in a number of races including Harps and Demons.

Battle takes place in the “three on three” Battle System. As each fight kicks off, players choose which party members will take part as well as provides them with boons to help them win.

Other features include:

  • a branching story
  • two-player “Versus” mode
  • hand-painted artwork
  • customizable controls for PC

Pyre has been in development for nearly three years. We can now safely say that it’s the biggest game we’ve ever created, offering substantially more ways to play and more characters to meet than either Bastion or Transistor before it. With each new game we’ve made, we’ve endeavored to push ourselves out of our creative comfort zone to make something that felt fresh to us, in the belief that this would translate to a worthwhile experience for our players. We cannot wait for you to try it and hear what you think.

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