Quake Champions Early Access to Begin August 22nd


Quake Champions Early Access is almost ready to start. The game is wrapping up closed beta and, starting August 22nd, players can join up by purchasing a a “Champions Pack”.

Quake Champions Early Access

The game will be receiving a massive update including new maps, features and the DOOM guy, Slayer. It will come with four different game modes, eleven Champions, several maps as well as an active CBT community.

Fans will be granted Early Access if they purchase a Champions Pack. Players who do will unlock all current and future Champions as well as an EA skin for Ranger and three “Reliquaries” (loot chests). Players can purchase these special packs for $29.99 for the time being. The final retail price will be $39.99.

Players who took part in closed beta events get some good news too. Anyone who redeemed a code during CBT will continue to be able to play during Early Access. They can buy other Champions or upgrade to the bundle at any time.

Players who did not take part in CBT will need to buy a Champions Pack to get into EA or wait for the release of the free version at a later date.

You can learn a lot more about Early Access by visiting the official site.

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