Id Software Announces Quake Champions F2P Week, Pushes Out BFP

Id Software pushed out a Big Freakin’ Patch for Quake Champions last week, adding new features along with the usual bug fixes and balance tweaks. And now they have announced a sneak peek of the free to play version during the Bethesda 2018 E3 showcase. 

Currently in Early Access via Steam and, and previously only accessible by purchasing the Quake Champions Pack, gamers can download a free to play version during the Quake Champions F2P Week, going on now through June 17. As an added bonus, anyone who downloads the F2P version will be able to continue to play even after the event is over!

Players trying out the F2P version will gain access to a single Champion, the Ranger. Anyone who wants to try out more can pick up the Champions Pack for a discounted price until the event concludes.

Assuming you came back to read the rest of this article after going to download the game, here is a short list of features added in the latest patch (full patch notes can be found here):

  • Updated tutorial – get up to speed and into the Arena as quickly as possible. After being introduced to the basics, newbies will hone their skills in the Starting Challenges, an introduction to some advanced techniques to keep them alive in actual matches.
  • Bots – Usually a bad thing to have infiltrate your game, bots have been added to enhance your experience, not detract from it. Beyond fodder for the tutorial, bots can be used to fill slots in matchmaking to reduce queue times. Bots will also fill in for a player who leaves a match until a human replacement is found.
  • Gibs – Who doesn’t want more carnage in their Quake matches? Id has delivered with their new “Gibs” system. Chunks of flesh will fly from your victim, showing you didn’t just kill your opponent, you obliterated them!
  • Continuous Play Flow update – Get back to the action quicker. After a match is over you will automatically return to the lobby and be queued up for your next match. Less time in menus, more time fragging.
  • XP increase – The amount of XP earned in matches has been bumped up, and grouping up in a party will increase XP and Favor gain even further. Still not leveling fast enough? Pick up some new Haste Potions for an additional 50% boost.
  • Champion access – Champion rentals are gone, replaced by the chance to try out select Champions for free on a rotating schedule. Champions will also be available for purchase with in-game Favor in addition to premium Platinum.

Be sure to check out the entirety of the Bethesda 2018 E3 Showcase,  and check back at for all your E3 news.

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