Quakecon to Host First-Ever Quake Champions eSports Tourney

During this year’s  Quakecon, Quake Champions will take center stage for an e-sports battle. Quakecon is to be held in Dallas, Texas on August 24-27.

Quakecon & e-Sports

During the annual convention, Quake Champions players will take part in Duel mode as well as the 4v4 “Sacrifice mode. Interested players can sign up to play in this weekend’s start of the “Large Scale Tech Test” in order to work on their skills as well as familiarize themselves with the game modes. The event will run through May 21st.

Introducing Visor

Visor is the latest Champion to be profiled in video and on the Quake Champions site. He is a “cybernetic” clone with fast moves along with deadly abilities. He’s the star of a new video too:

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