R-Type Final 2 Blasts Off Kickstarter Campaign

R-Type 2 Final

R-Type Final 2 is the latest version of a gaming classic and a new Kickstarter campaign has launched to get it into orbit.

Launched today, the “R-Type Final 2 Kickstarter campaign is an attempt to bring one more R-Type adventure to life. Originally igniting the franchise back in 1987, the side-scrolling sci-fi shooter blasted into arcades, bringing addictive gameplay and some awesome visuals to the 16-bit arcade cabinets of the day. Becoming an instant classic, the battle against the Bydo raged on for years. Ports of R-Type and R-Type II made it all the way onto numerous home computer systems, and a3D remake, called R-Type Dimensions, dropped on Nintendo Switch last year.

As one of the seminal arcade shooters, it’s no surprise that fans of the series want more and Japanese developer Granzella Inc is out to supply it. Shooting for a worldwide release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Pc, and Xbox One the Kickstarter campaign has a target of 45 million Yen. This translates to over $400,000 and the campaign is already a third of the way there.

What’s In It For Us

Backers of the campaign can choose from fourteen distinct reward tiers. These vary from simple support, or a copy of the game, through to soundtracks, t-shirts, and special backer ships. Many of these backer ships will likely reflect the massive leaps that R-Type 2 Final is about to take, incorporating 16:9 high def graphics, incredible looking enemies, and some absurdly powerful weapons. Check out the teaser trailer and hold onto your seat, this does look pretty intense.

If my enthusiasm has you interested then the Kickstarter campaign for R-Type 2 Final is still ongoing and you can check out full details here.

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