Raga – New RTS Announcement Trailer

Developer Gameparic (El Dorado: Golden City Builder, NecroCity) and publishers Games Incubator & PlayWay have announced Raga, a game set in the Slavic realities that combines elements of a city builder with an extensive RTS economy management. The team indicates that the game is saturated with many elements of Slavic mysticism, full of beliefs, myths, and monsters.

Proper development and management of the village is one of the key points for the development of your territory. Raga will have many famous and innovative city-building mechanics. Starting with a small village that you will be able to expand with new buildings as the game progresses. Managing even a small village is an extremely difficult task, proper management of the workforce, food ration, or meeting the religious needs of your inhabitants requires your commitment.

Fight for the survival of the village and its inhabitants. In the game, you will be able to create many categories of warriors who will face your opponent without fear in their eyes. Take care of the morale of your warriors, without them you can be lost, do not count on the mercy of those with a cross on their backs.

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