Ragequit Without Risking Your Own Electronics


We’ve all had that one raid wing where we’ve wanted to throw a mouse, or three, across the room. Now, it seems a UK electrical retailer is giving consumers a chance to do it all for free.

While it might be a bit of a gamer trope, there’s no denying that the last year has been something of a trial for most of us. It seems that UK retailer Electrical Direct are giving interested consumers a running swing at letting out their own 2020 ragequit without putting their gaming monitors in the line of fire. As part of a Demolition Therapy event, this web-based outlet is out to save brand new Dual Sense controllers from the bedroom wall with a series of events where the general public get to take out all of their emotions on a load of old, useless technology. Basically, it’s a room full of electronic junk ready to smash up.

The best explanation is the trailer above, but eager and angry participants can expect these sponsored sessions in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow. Each ‘therapy’ room will contain a load of useless and broken tech, so nothing that we’d consider vintage or repairable will be on the chopping block. Electrical Direct will provide a bunch of tools and let the rest take care of itself over the course of a 30-minute breakout.

While this isn’t the oddest thing we’ve seen happen to old tech, for £50 I think I’d probably invest in a relaxing escape like Cat Cafe Manager instead. If you’re still bitter about not getting a chicken dinner and want some aggressive therapy, you can find out more on the retailer’s website.

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