Raging Justice To Hit The Beat In Q2 2018, Showcases Weapons In New Trailer

Developer MakinGames, partnering with Team17, announced they will be bringing their freshman offering, Raging Justice, to Steam, PS4, XBox1, and Nintendo Switch in Q2, 2018. Set in the crime-riddled locales of Big Smoke City, Raging Justice is a classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up, bringing a breath of fresh air to the genre with high def graphics and surround sound.

The city needs a special breed of cop. Will you play as Rick Justice, grizzled veteran of the force, willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means breaking all the rules…and a few skulls? Or will you choose Nikki Rage, ex-military combatant, quick to throw caution to the wind and get herself into a sticky situation to make the arrest?

Good cop or bad cop – in Raging Justice you get to choose how to clean up the streets of Big Smoke City. Are you the type to follow the letter of the law, stunning your target so you can make a legal arrest, or will you use necessary (or excessive) force to subdue your foe? Your playstyle affects your character, with the healthy lifestyle of the good cop adding to your health pool, while the rough and tumble lifestyle of the bad cop means more opportunity for loot. Whichever path you choose, your actions will have consequences and ultimately influence the ending of the game.

You can go lone wolf, or team up with a buddy in co-op mode to take on the city’s toughest criminals. Just about anything that isn’t tied down can, and will be, used against your foes in the pursuit of justice. With a long list of weapons including baseball bats, axes, shotguns, stun guns, pigeons (huh?), and even lawnmowers, you will literally mow down hordes of thugs as you search the streets for crazy tough bosses. Careful though, as those same weapons can be used against you by desperate criminals, and with friendly fire in full effect, your partner can quickly become your worst enemy.

About MakinGames

MakinGames is an independent game development company set up in the East Midlands, UK. Founded by husband and wife duo, Nic and Anna Makin to have fun ‘makin’ games across multiple platforms. Raging Justice will be the first release by the studio.

About Team17 Digital Ltd

Founded in 1990, Team17 Digital Limited is a leading international games label that hosts The Escapists, Genesis: Alpha One, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, the Worms franchise and many more from developers around the world. Visit www.team17.com for more info.

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