Ragnarock Is A VR Viking Metal rhythm Game

Put on some Viking metal and pull on your VR headset. Ragnarock is out now and it’s unlike any other rhythm game I recognize.

We already know that Vikings and metal are a sublime combination of aggression and melody. Now, Independent French studio WanadevStudio is taking that duo and injecting the frantic thrashing of Nordic warriors into a brand new VR experience. Launched today and available on the Steam Store, Ragnarok is a rock / metal-oriented VR rhythm game where players can pick up the gauntlet on their own or bash the heck out of a drum against, up to five, other players.

Anybody bold enough to enter this virtual arena will find themselves atop a longboat, pounding the pace of their crew in a race. Equipped with hammers, each captain must strike the rune drums in time, mastering everything from Celtic rock to power metal. Fail to hit the right one and your ship and crew will languish in the wake of the competition. Ragnarock is as outlandish as you’d expect from a Viking metal rhythm game, with big beards, bulging biceps, and horns aplenty. Six different environments act as the backdrop to this race as you and your competition try to take all the gold medals and top every leaderboard.

WanadevStudio is kicking off this competition with a total of 6 new tracks, meaning 30 solidly epic songs to beat your heart out to. Alestorm, Saltatio Mortis, Ultra Vomit, and Sabordage bring their own take on seafaring shanties to Rangarock for its full launch. Anybody eager to pull up anchor can grab a copy over on the Steam Store now for € 21.99/$19.99, or local equivalent, with an Oculus Quest release due to follow in the next few days.

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