Ragnarök Is About Annihilate Alpha Squad In New Zombie Army 4: Dead War Update

Zombie Army 4: Dead War karl with a gun

Ragnarök is here and owners of Zombie Army 4: Dead War can lock and load to see off their final mission with a new campaign and character pack.

Rebellion has just launched the latest update to its apocalyptic shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War, with a final bloody fling for Alpha Squad. Owners of this visceral take on the undead sniper series can descend into Hell on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store, Google Stadia, and even Nintendo Switch.

For those that haven’t signed up, Zombie Army 4 is just the latest in a long line of gruesome spin offs of the Sniper Elite franchise. The horror tinged take on the series finds players back in a secret war where Hitler didn’t die but became somewhat more undead. With a horde of demons, occultists, and zombies at his back it is up to players to cut through what remains of this monster’s power to keep the world from descending into the abyss. Think Doom but with a bit more WWII  shooter and a much more pinpoint brutality.

The Only Way To Go

Available now the new pack includes a two part campaign mission, as well as some new cosmetics for players. Anybody ready to shoot up the underworld will find that the few surviving members of the cult have retreated deep into hell and put the mysterious Project Ragnarök into effect. With the help of Schweiger, Alpha Squad need to stop the plan which threatens to destroy the world.

In case you’re just worried about looking good while saving the world, again, then the update also ads in a Future Karl outfit, a Marie Lounge Singer Outfit , and a Josiah Detective Outfit . Each of these unlock two new hats and other accessories, but only Karl gets a robotic eye. The Ragnarök pack is available now on digital storefronts for £12.99 / $14.99 / €14.99.

Free Updates

For anybody looking for a freebie, everybody who owns Zombie Army 4 will also get the new “Death Collector” Horde Map free as part of a free update, available now. For everything else Zombie Army check out the official website now.

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