Rainbow Six: Siege team introduces the battle pass system

Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft has announced a new Battle Pass system for Rainbow Six: Siege. The intention is, according to Presentation Director Alexander Karpazis, to reward players for playing the game “more than ever”.  The new system will arrive very soon with a mini pass and fully during Season 4. The plan is to deploy the battle pass in two phases.

Phase 1 is the “mini Battle Pass” and is named “Call Me Harry”. It will run for only seven days across seven tiers and is free to all players. Those familiar with battle pass systems in other games will immediately know what to do. As players game, they earn battle points that unlock rewards. “The more you play, the more you earn.” Completely unlocking all seven tiers will end with the ultimate reward of a Harry Chibi Charm. This mini-battle pass will arrive during Operation Ember Rise.

Phase 2 will roll out in Season 4. It’s is considered a “full-fledged battle pass” that will have two tracks: Free and the optional paid Premium. Rewards will be available on both tracks and progress unlocks on both as the game is played.

The Battle Pass system will give players more information about Harry and about the operators. It allows developers a chance to flesh out the characters and provide their stories to the player base.

Learn more on the Rainbow 6: Siege official site.


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