Rainway Players Can Grab Spellbreak Beta Access

rainway spellbreak

Gamers playing on the Rainway platform have a new treat incoming. Rainway and Proletariat have partnered to give away Spellbreak Beta Access.

For a limited time, gamers who go ahead and download Rainway and claim a key can jump straight into the magical online arena brawler of Spellbreak. Better yet, they will be able to cast fire and brimstone from wherever they are on mobile, PC, tablet, or laptop. Anybody looking to grab free access to the Spellbreak beta can do so between now and 26 May. You will need a PC to get started but anybody ready to get into the game just needs to download and install the free Rainway streaming service. Open the Rainway Dashboard and create an account to claim the game and have a chance to score a Spellbreak Mage Pack that includes bonuses and in-game currency when a friend is referred.

What Is Rainway

If you’ve not heard of Rainway before then you might be surprised to find out that this online streaming application isn’t another rival to Nvidia or Google’s cloud gaming services. Instead, Rainway allows gamers and PC players to access their local gaming rig from anywhere. By installing the local Rainway app, gamers can remotely run their games on another mobile, Macbook, or PC Device. Rainway is completely free to use and recently expanded it’s supported browsers to provide even more ways to play away. The new Spellbreak promotion is one of the first to use a new feature built into the Rainway dashboard. In the ever-present drive to innovate, the Rainway team has created a giveaway system that makes it easier than ever to connect to your Epic Game Store or Steam account and claim a free game. Proletariat is one of the many partners Rainway plans to partner with to bring unique opportunities to gamers across the globe.

If you’re ready to find out more about Rainway, play away at home, or just blow up some mages in the awsome looing Spellbreak arena brawler then head over to the Rainway website now to find out more about this opportunity.


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